How To See WIFI Password In Windows 10

Tutorial | How To See WIFI Password In Windows 10

How To See WIFI Password In Windows 10

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How To See My Connected wifi Password | How to find your Wifi Password on Windows 10 | What is my WiFi Password.

In This Video Totally I Discuss how to see your connected wifi password in windows 10 or windows seven 7.

So Please Follow The instructions and see your connected wifi password:

Step - 1: Click the right button on your wifi symbol and go open network and internet setting.

Step - 2. click wifi from the left column.

Step - 3. and select the network and sharing center from the right side of this window. (and open new one window).

Step - from the window your connections or your wifi name appear on this window just click above on your wifi name and then open one more new sub window.

Step - 5.and then select wireless properties from this sub-window. (and open new one more sub-window)

Step - 6: and then click from this new open sub window security and click show characters. And then finally show your wifi password.


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